Testimonials & Shout outs

Layla's Granite Memorial 

"We received Layla’s memorial, My Daughter was so very Happy. It truly is amazing and beautiful. Just wanted to send a personal Thank You! You made this everything she wanted it to say and I am so appreciative. What a gift."

- Shirley, from Swanzey, NH   

Petey, S'mores, Sugar and Tallulah 

"I wanted to email you and let you know that my girlfriend absolutely LOVES the Cuddle Clone figurines that you did for me. I got a mix of excitement and tears (good tears). I wanted to thank you again for working with me to make this a perfect gift for her. She still cannot get over how close they look to the real cats."

- Kevin, from Racine, WI      

Virtue and his Cuddle Clone 

"I had to write this email to thank you for the immaculate job you guys did on my Pit Bull, Virtue. I couldn't even believe my eyes when taking him out of the box. You had every marking EXACT, including some minor markings I didn't even think would be noticed in the photos. Every detail was absolutely perfect! I've missed him so much, and you've helped make my memory of him so much more vivid and tangible. Thank you guys, so much."

- Levi, from Coventry, RI      

Holly and her Cuddle Clone 

"I truly can't thank you enough. What you and your company has done is incredible. I felt like I was talking to and dealing with a friend from the very beginning. You've given me my precious Mini-Holly to hold for when she's no longer with me, which I hope is not for a long time, but the fact remains that my arms won't be quite as empty when the time does come."

-Mary, from Otisco Indiana - purchasing a cuddle clone of her ailing companion and friend, her dog Holly

Nova and her Cuddle Clone

"Thank you for making me a Cuddle Clone of my beloved dog Nova.  The details that you put into her were exceptional and she is definitely a one of kind puppy, just as she was in life.  You have created a tangible memory that will last forever.  Thank you!  

Nova's mommy, from Calgary, Alberta

Chewbacka and his Cuddle Clone


"I'd like to say "Thank you" for working with me in getting my little Chewbacka cloned. The little clone has captured his body's essence (I just love his head shape, ears and the material used). My other little dogs really thought it was Chewy, and were disappointed that he didn't smell like they remember. LOL. Their recognition of his little face proves that you all did a marvelous job in cloning him. Thank you so much. A perfect "Tribute" to a special little boy!! The second thing I'd like to comment on is, if there are people that aren't quite sure of the cloning process, I am here to tell you, I am very, very delighted to have ordered one! Thank you Cuddle Clones!!"

Jo, from Pasco, WA

Xavier and his Cuddle Clone

"I received my Xavier plush on Saturday and I have to tell you I was amazed at the likeness to my dog!!  I lost my dog at too young an age for him and receiving my cuddle clone brings me relief but also sadness since the plush dog looks so much like my beloved Xavier. I have to admit I burst into tears when I first took him out of the box.  This is due to the likeness of the plush Xavier to my dog.  I really love this new plush though!  He will bring me comfort as I can hold him and remember my dog with love and good memories.  I will never forget his looks now!!  Thank you for making this possible!"

-Annette, from Baldwinsville, NJ

Muffin and her Cuddle Clone

"I just wanted to send you a note of Thanks. I received "Muffin" last Saturday and I was amazed. She is perfect. It's great to have Muffin back in the house."

-Jan, from Jacksonville, Florida

Kahlua and her Cuddle Clone

I'm Kahlua's mom, you guys recently did a cuddle clone of her and it was a gift from 2 friends. I wasn't even aware your company existed or that this could be done. I was very surprised by the box, then I opened it, and saw the back of my clone, and burst into tears. I didn't even know what it was and I recognized Kahlua's patterns immediately. I just want to say that whoever worked on her, you did amazing, I can't even begin to tell you in words how precious my cuddle clone is. She's beautiful, and the attention to detail and care that was put into it literally has made my year. Losing her in september was and will probably always be one of the hardest experiences of my life because I love her so much, and she was such a gentle and sweet little girl. How you guys managed to capture her face, and her little head wrinkles to perfection is beyond me, I just had to personally thank you because this is by far the greatest gift I've ever received in my life. While it isn't her, it is something physical that I can squeeze whenever I need to. I hope you guys get thanked a lot because what you do is so wonderful. Thank you so much from the absolute bottom of my heart. I'm forever grateful for my "Mini-Kahlua" cuddle clone!

-Jo, from Grand Junction, Colorado

Brooklyn and her Cuddle Clone

“We were so impressed by our Clone and wanted to thank you for helping make it such an enjoyable experience.”

Caroline & Jenna of Calling All Paws Pet Care www.callingallpawspetcare.com

Rex the Cuddle Clone 

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and we could finally give her our US American pal :).

And I can proudly say, that this was a great idea! It took her not even 5 seconds to figure out,  that it was Rex. After we gave her the Cuddle Clone we talked about how Rex used to be when he was younger and how we had picked him up from our friends when he was a puppy. My mom told me this morning,  that she dreamed all night about him.

All in all a huge success!

Thanks again for this great gift. 

- Sven, Berlin, Germany

Sadie and her Cuddle Clone

I cannot express how truly grateful I am that I found your website! After our shih tzu, Sadie passed away, we were devastated. Having our new Cuddle Clone in our home, has such a wonderful way of giving us some of that happiness again. Although we miss Sadie's loving personality and playfulness, this replica helps fill a piece of our hearts that has felt so empty these past few months. Thank you so Very much for giving that back to us.

- JoAlice, from Escondido, CA 

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Pinot and his Cuddle Clone

Testimonial 10

Furu's Cuddle Clone

Furu Shiba Inu 

"I thought you might like to add Furu to your photo section. You did a great job! Thank you so much!"

- Barb, from Chicago, IL  

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PussNBoots and her Cuddle Clone 

"Building my cuddle clone of PussNBoots online was a great experience and very fun upon receiving him I was so excited to see the box that said cuddle clones on the outside and the moment I opened it and I saw my cuddle clone in there and we were shocked at the likeness of my actual cat. I found the whole experience to be very exciting as well as healing. Thanks again Jo :)"

-Joanne, from Brooklyn, NY

Haiku and his Cuddle Clone 

I recently received my Cuddle Clone of my Japanese Bobtail cat Haiku, and I love it! It exceeded my expectations, the "medium" fur length is perfect, the short little tail is just right, and it's got the orange markings like my wonderful guy. Cuddle Clones did a great job of looking at the pictures I sent and making my clone, which is even bigger than I thought it would be. It looks so much like Haiku that my other cat Moku, who is Haiku's grand-daughter (yes, for real) head-butted and rubbed herself on the cuddle clone, thinking it was her grandpa. I might just need a Cuddle Clone of his grand-daughter Moku too!

Thanks again, your product is amazing!
Victoria, from New Jersey