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*Must order by November 8th to ensure Christmas Delivery*

Note that this status update is only for plush Cuddle Clone orders. We update this status page for the plush Cuddle Clones a few times per week. We ship anywhere from 180-200 Cuddle Clones per week. If you must have your Cuddle Clone by a certain date, please contact us at and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

When will you be contacted regarding your order?
We send a few emails to you during the production process, including when we start your Cuddle Clone and when we are just about finished with your Cuddle Clone.

We are currently working very hard on increasing our production. We have increased our staff and are working overtime to create your Cuddle Clones. The one thing we don’t want to do is sacrifice the quality of our Cuddle Clones to get the waiting time down so please bear with us as we work to increase our capacity. We love our customers and very much appreciate your patience! Don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Cuddle Clones Team