Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Selling Cuddle Clones!

Whether you're a company wanting to advertise Cuddle Clones on your website or an individual who refers Cuddle Clones all the time to people, you can get paid to sell Cuddle Clones! It's easy to become an affiliate for Cuddle Clones.

How It Works

  • Coupon Codes

    We get you setup with your own coupon code and each time your coupon code is used to make a purchase on our website, you get 10% of the sale.
  • Online Ads

    Each time an ad-click from your website results in a sale at Cuddle Clones, you get 10% of the sale.
  • Payment

    At the end of each month, we send the money directly to YOU!

Learn More

To inquire about becoming an affiliate partner, please contact us at

Are you with a nonprofit organization? Our Paw It Forward program works much like an affiliate program but all your proceeds go right to your nonprofit organization. Please visit our Paw It Forward page or contact us at to learn more.